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The Thin Red Line will get even thinner under David Cameron

David Cameron, Liam Fox and Pauline Neville-Jones launched the Conservative Party's National Security strategy this morning. It's impossible to disagree with anything Cameron said ...[We need more co-ordination of policy and we need the urgent defence (and security) review that Labour has failed to hold]... It's what Cameron didn't say this morning that is so worrying.

I keep trying to bite my tongue on the terrible implications for budgets like defence of the party's NHS spendathon pledge. Fraser Nelson is not so reticent. The Tories will have to cut the RAF and Navy to the bone in order to save the Army. The principal culprit for this is, of course, Gordon Brown but the cuts would not need to be so savage if all of Whitehall was sharing the pain more fairly.

Tim Montgomerie

> Download a PDF of the National Security Green Paper.


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