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One week until ConservativeIntelligence's Tory manifesto conference

I apologise to regular ConHome readers for the price of this conference but the revenues generated by ConservativeIntelligence fund this website and ensure we provide a 'free-to-air' and expanding service.

CICOVER_Layout-1Next Wednesday, 20th January ConservativeIntelligence will be holding a four hour conference on the 2010 Tory manifesto. At the conference we'll be publishing a comprehensive guide to Conservative policies that all attendees will take home with them.

  • The Head of Policy for the Conservative Party, Oliver Letwin MP, will open the conference with a thirty minute presentation.
  • Tim Montgomerie will deliver a keynote presentation on the policy changes likely to characterise any Tory government's first 100 days and also publish polling of 144 Tory candidates in target seats.
  • We'll look at the think tanks likely to be key influences on policy development and at the likely consequences for policy implementation if the Tory majority is very small.
  • At the conference the big themes of the Conservative manifesto will be dissected by a Q&A panel of Daniel Finkelstein (The Times), Jill Kirby (The Centre for Policy Studies) and Neil O'Brien (of Policy Exchange).
  • A second Q&A panel with Michael Fallon MP, Peter Lilley MP and Ian Taylor MP will examine the implementation challenge.
  • The manifesto guide itself is full of fascinating commentary. Stephan Shakespeare writes about the Post-Bureaucratic Age. Dan Hannan looks at the Tory localist agenda. James Forsyth examines David Cameron's approach to running Whitehall.
  • We list the Tory policy pledges for all key areas and twenty expert commentators from think tanks, academia and the business world evaluate the extent to which Tory policies are commensurate with the nation's challenges.


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