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Closing the deal 5/10: Distinctive policies on crime, political ethics and tax

We have to combat the "all you politicians are the same... voting won't change anything" chorus of the disillusioned and disenchanted. We need a leaflet/ a poster/ a YouTube to show that voting Conservative will make a meaningful difference to people's lives.

Recently, I had one go at such a message:


I was encouraged over the weekend to read that the Tories are considering prison ships.  We'll need such ships if we are to fulfil our high impact promise to end Labour's early release scheme.

I'm also convinced that expenses will much bigger on the doorstep than many Westminster politicians realise. The issue may no longer dominate the headlines but it hasn't gone away. Every Tory candidate should be armed with a tough set of clean-up-politics pledges and their own personal codes of conduct. A power to recall unethical MPs should be one of the party's pledges.

Tim Montgomerie


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