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Closing the deal 7/10: David Cameron should join Twitter (and soon)

Screen shot 2010-01-24 at 21.03.43According to the table above, just released by Tweetminster,  the Conservatives are at a disadvantage on Twitter. @MayorofLondon and @Conservatives are our two biggest players but @DowningStreet (which hopefully we'll soon inherit) and @SarahBrown10 have many fifteen times as many followers.

I'm not sure what limits there might be on Labour using @DowningStreet during the election (the Left are already pre-emptively trying to curb Boris' use of his account) but, as @DavidTBreaker has argued, the Tories need a big hitter on Twitter. That has to be David Cameron.

He will need to address that "tw*t" gaffe (his first Tweet could be a self-deprecating "I was a twit not to tweet until now") but he could soon be reaching hundreds of thousands of people during an election campaign with 140 character messages. I think Cameron would be good at it. It'll be a great medium for communicating in a warm, direct way.

Mr Cameron was cautious when I asked him if he'd join Twitter earlier today (watch here) but I'm convinced it's too good an opportunity to miss.



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