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David Cameron reaffirms his support for the NHS as the party begins unveiling its manifesto

David Cameron outside Stafford Hospital The general election may still be several months away, but the Conservative campaign steps up several notches from today as the party enters fully-fledged election mode.

Following a visit to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital yesterday, David Cameron and Andrew Lansley will this morning be publishing a chapter on health from the party's draft manifesto.

It was previewed in yesterday's Observer and the Press Association summarises what can be expected as follows:

"David Cameron is launching an audacious raid on traditional Labour territory by pledging to divert NHS resources to deprived areas. Amid fevered political activity at the beginning of what could be a five-month election campaign, Mr Cameron will attempt to counter the Tory image as the party of the rich.

"He will also unveil plans to give mothers "real choice" over the kind of childbirth and other services they want... The party leader has gone to great lengths to stress his personal commitment to the NHS, promising that health budgets will not be subject to the same cuts as other departments."

With Cameron and Lansley at a mid-morning event in central London, members of the Shadow Cabinet will at the same time be making appearances on the campaign trail at locations in every corner of the country.

Check back here later on for an update on what is announced.

Click here to see the newly unveiled poster and announcements made this morning on health.

Jonathan Isaby


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