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Conservatives welcome Saga's Manifesto for the Over-50s as "an important contribution to debate"

Waterson Nigel In the run-up to the general election there will be all manner of interest groups and campaign organisations presenting their own manifestos full of demands for politicians.

Today it's the turn of Saga, which has presented a Manifesto for Older People - a group which they define today as being all those over 50.

The Daily Mail has covered its publication, which has been welcomed by Nigel Waterson (pictured), the Shadow Minister for Older People. He told ConservativeHome:

"I welcome Saga's work - I talk to them on a regular basis and value their input. I certainly agree on the importance of older voters at the next general election and will be looking at their manifesto very closely. We will support some of their ideas, whilst other we will not be able to support given financial constraints. But it is a thoroughly important contribution to the debate and I think the fact that we have a shadow minister for older people demonstrates our commitment to the needs of older voters."

The manifesto was drawn up after a Populus poll of more than 14,000 over-50s and the Mail reminds politicians that they ignore it at their peril "as that generation is far more likely to vote than its younger counterparts".

Below is the Mail's graphic of the main demands of the over-50s, illustrated by the ex-BBC newsreader Moira Stuart, whose removal from the main bulletins was deemed ageist by many.

Picture 21
Jonathan Isaby


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