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Closing the deal 8/10: Lively campaign websites for key voter groups

There are key election battles in the regions. There are the day-by-day, hour-by-hour national messages. There are key national events such as the election debates. There are also the battles for key interest groups. The internet provides better-than-ever-before opportunities to micro-target key constituencies such as churchgoers... servicemen and their families... animal welfare enthusiasts... disability campaigners...

As I've already blogged, the Conservative Party has particularly potent policies for churchgoers.

An attractive website setting out those pledges in an attractive format, backed up with video messages, a newsy blog, and Search Engine-optimised could be an important campaign tool. In 2001 I arranged for the distribution of 300,000 Tory newsletters to churches. They were called News for Churches. The internet can enable the same to happen at a fraction of the cost.

There are just 101 days to the likely election date. CCHQ has fifty days to identify, say, ten pivotal voter groups and find an MP/ candidate and voluntary group to run a brilliant website for that group. David Burrowes MP, Fiona Bruce and the Conservative Christian Fellowship would be a perfect team to run a website for churchgoers. I'd help too!

Tim Montgomerie


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