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Chris Grayling says that the proposed Islam4UK march in Wootton Bassett should be prevented

Chris Grayling head shoulders tie Conservative activist Imtiaz Ameen wrote this morning's Platform piece explaining why he believes the proposed Islam4UK march through Wootton Bassett should not be allowed to go ahead.

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling has now backed this position, having just released the following statement:

“We are absolutely clear in our view that the police and the local authority should prevent this march from going ahead. The actions of Islam4UK are utterly objectionable. It has close links with banned preachers of hate and has arranged for them to preach in the UK by audio and video link. We can’t go on like this, the law should already have made it possible for them to be prosecuted for doing that.”

He later added:

“This is a group that’s intent on whipping up hatred. These latest remarks in the media today and the proposed march are beyond outrageous. I have already called for members of this group to be prosecuted for some of their activities and I think the Government should now ban this group altogether. We also welcome the fact that so many groups representing British Muslims have slammed what Islam4UK is trying to do.”

Judging by his presence on a number of media outlets over the Christmas period, it would appear that Mr Grayling is very much back fulfilling his general "attack dog" role again - one at which he has always excelled. I am sure we will be seeing even more of him over the coming months.

Jonathan Isaby


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