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Cameron ready to fight second election in 2010 after implementing popular policies from Downing Street

With opinion polls pointing to the possibility of a hung parliament, the News of the World reports that David Cameron is preparing to fight a second election if he does not secure a decisive victory.

A Tory source told the newspaper:

"We are looking at holding a second election if we only win a small majority first time round. It would be called in a matter of months. It all depends how difficult things are and how small our majority is in the first vote."

The News of the World speculates that a second election would be fought after Cameron had slashed business rates to jump start economic growth and had announced a crackdown on immigration.

Measures to cut MPs' perks, increase householders' rights against burglars and a freeze in council tax might also form the launch pad for a Tory second election campaign.

The Tories may also hope that discipline breaks down in the Labour Party if it loses the levers of power. This morning's Sunday Times says that Brown wants to remain Labour leader even if he is beaten. New revelations that he used violence against staff can only increase the pressure on him to stand down at the earliest opportunity.

ConHome has argued that the danger of a hung parliament needs to be front and centre in Tory tactics NOW.

Tim Montgomerie


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