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'Ask David' about the Conservative manifesto

Picture 8 One of my favourite features of WebCameron MkI was an 'Ask David' feature which allowed visitors to ask a question of the Conservative leader and he then answered the ones that other users voted as most deserving of an answer. The feature was retired perhaps because a lot of the most-voted-for questions were from, for example, crazies who wanted to say 9/11 was a CIA plot and so on.

Anyhow, the 'Ask David' feature is returning as the party rolls out its draft manifesto. Visitors to will be able to ask a question about the latest chapter of the Tory manifesto (the first chapter is on health) and users will be able to vote for the ones they most want David Cameron to answer. Using a Google-based voting system (also used by the White House) that will prevent attempts to manipulate the voting, the Conservative leader will then answer the ten most popular questions at a Cameron Direct meeting - mixing live questions with online questions.

CCHQ are also stressing that the manifesto is in draft form. If knockout ideas emerge from the online conversations that take place at the party may embrace them.

> Below is a video in which David Cameron explains how you can take part in the Q&A he is doing this Friday

Tim Montgomerie


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