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The Goring opinion poll predictions for Christmas 2010

Picture 9 The ConHome/ ConIntelligence team has just finished a very long (and quite liquid) Christmas lunch at one of London's greatest hotels (The Goring). As the Port was passed around the table we made predictions as to where the two main parties might be by the time we have Christmas lunch next year. These were the results:

  1. Bryony Fletcher: Con 39, Lab 34
  2. Duncan Flynn: Con 36, Lab 38
  3. Paul Goodman: Con 37, Lab 32
  4. Jonathan Isaby: Con 36, Lab 34
  5. Tim Montgomerie: Con 35, Lab 35
  6. Harry Phibbs: Con 34, Lab 39

Stephan Shakespeare declined to take part!

Tim Montgomerie


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