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Open thread on MPs' expenses

Today the House of Commons authorities have published the details of the expenses claims from MPs for 2008-2009.

See them all here.

I have already highlighted Gordon Brown's claims this morning.

The Guardian's Andrew Sparrow has a busy live blog picking out many of the stories making waves and Henry Macrory at CCHQ is posting regular Tweets on the matter. There are also live blogs at The Times and Daily Telegraph. I will try and highlight some of them below.

  • Labour minister Helen Goodman claimed £600 for husband's office advice - Telegraph
  • More than 50 MPs "flipped" their homes last year - Guardian
  • Harriet Harman say there will be legislation on the Kelly reforms after all - Gary Gibbon's blog
  • What the party leaders and other big hitters have claimed -
  • A variety of claims from Labour MPs: Phil Hope claimed £2 for a burger maker; Shahid Malik claimed for 'solid oak bathroom vanity unit suite with Pheonix Stone basin & mirror'; Elliot Morley claimed for a plastic hawk; Frank Cook and John Reid both claimed for toilet seats  - via Henry Macrory
  • Labour MP Quentin Davies tried to claim £20,000 for a 'bell tower' on his home - Paul Waugh
  • Tory MP claims highlighted by Peter Henley: James Arbuthnot bought three garlic presses from QVC at £12.22 each; the year after he claimed for a Duck Island MP Sir Peter Viggers sent in a £115 invoice from a "Bird proofing/cleaning" company.
  • David Cameron's expenses dissected - Guardian
  • The TaxPayers' Alliance blog notes Sir Michael Spicer's internal redecoration of wardrobes and cupboards for £3,025.
  • I have posted separately here on Labour MP Kali Mountford.
  • Jeremy Hunt MP to repay £9,500 for 'misinterpretation of rules' - Guardian
  • Lib Dem Andrew George and Labour's Lindsay Roy had claims for hairdryers refused - Telegraph

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