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Responding to PBR, George Osborne says the greatest golden rule is you can never trust Labour with the economy

Picture 10 Highlights, not verbatim:

Labour has ducked the big choices. They won't tell people how they'll balance the books before the election.

The greatest golden rule is that you can never trust a Labour government with the economy.

Britain is borrowing £178bn this year. The national debt has quadrupled under Labour. It is £23,000 for every child in Britain.

Let us not forget that youth unemployment is at a record under Labour. One million have never had a job under Labour.

Labour are talking about the few things they say they are protecting from the axe but say almost nothing on the many things they will be cutting.

All the effort New Labour made to make themselves the party of enterprise and aspiration has been abandoned. Labour has erected a sign over Britain saying "closed for enterprise". Every Labour government has taken Britain to the verge of bankruptcy.


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