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Blogger of 2009


Picture 9 Jonathan Isaby's pick: I'm going to give my award for blogging this year not to a politician or a party activist, but to a journalist from the mainstream media - Paul Waugh, the deputy political editor of the Evening Standard. He has come into his own as a blogger during 2009 and always has something to say on the issues of the day, often ahead of the curve with his take on political developments. For a quick tasster of his posts from the year, read this prescient prediction of Alan Johnson's move to the Home Office, his minute-by-minute account of the make-or-break PLP meeting after this year's local and European elections and this account of the opening session of the Chilcot Inquiry. Make sure you have him bookmarked in your favourites for election year!

Screen shot 2009-12-27 at 14.02.09 Tim Montgomerie's pick: John Redwood's blog is my pick. I've praised his economic insight before. Alongside Allister Heath's City AM editorials, I have learnt more about the huge economic challenges facing this country from the former Welsh Secretary than from any other source. I cannot believe that his talents won't be used by the Tory government we all hope for. His blog is a success because he matches quality with regularity. He blogs every morning without fail. He also tackles non-economic subjects. By way of one topical example, his reaction to the Detroit terror attempt mixed common sense with speed. He noted that the attack was a failure of the authorities to act on intelligence. More intrusive checks at airports are not the best protection for travellers.

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