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Tories dip below 40% in ComRes poll as Labour fall back to 25% - and 71% of voters want a phased withdrawal of British combat forces in Afghanistan within the year

Further to the earlier news of a YouGov poll in the Sunday Times, tomorrow's Independent on Sunday carries a new ComRes poll which puts the parties on the following standings:

Comparisons are with the end of October ComRes poll.

Com Res also asked three questions on Afghanistan, following the paper's call for withdrawal of British troops last weekend...

"I would support a phased withdrawal of British forces from Afghanistan, the aim being the end of combat operations within a year or so"
Agree - 71%
Disagree - 22%

"The threat of terrorism on British soil is increased by British forces remaining in Afghanistan"
Agree - 47% 
Disagree - 44%

"David Cameron would handle the issue of Afghanistan better than Gordon Brown has done"
Agree - 39%      
Disagree - 46%

...and one on The Sun's assault on Gordon Brown this week

"The Sun was unfair to Gordon Brown over his handwritten letter to the mother of Private Jamie Janes"
Agree - 60%
Disagree - 27%

Jonathan Isaby


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