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The future of Euroscepticism

It's been a disappointing few weeks for Euroscepticism and for the Eurosceptic movement but The TaxPayers' Alliance are leading the way in consolidating popular unhappiness at the EU. Better than talking about sovereignty and other vital (but less earthy) topics, talk about the economic cost and waste of the European project. From this Friday (20th November) cinemas will be running this advert:

The TPA - working with Roger Helmer MEP - have already explored the cost of EU membership angle but entering the cinema market is a big leap forward. Good luck to Matthew Elliott and his brilliant team.

Tim Montgomerie

> The campaign coincides with the release of a book by Lee Rotherham that looks ahead to a Britain that has left the EU. An amazing 22,000 copies of the book have already been ordered. Extracts were published on CentreRight throughout last week.


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