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Cameron says Kelly reforms must be accepted in full at a PMQs noticeable for John Bercow's insistence that Brown stops the party political answers

TIM MONTGOMERIE'S VERDICT: A sobre PMQs because of the tragic death of five British servicemen in Afghanistan. Lots of questions from backbenchers as well as Cameron and Clegg on Afghanistan and they were overwhelmingly hostile to the campaign. An assertive John Bercow twice instructed the Prime Minister to avoid making partisan points but Brown still managed to repeatedly tease the Tory leader about his cast-iron Lisbon commitment. I think three Labour backbenchers asked about Tory councils. Linking David Cameron to the performance of Conservative councils must be a new Labour tactic. Cameron used PMQs to affirm his belief that Kelly must be implemented in full. The other two party leaders agreed. 

Highlights, not verbatim:

12.30pm Tory MP Ian Taylor urges Brown to listen to scientific advise and NOT "shoot the messenger". Mr Brown says that the Government will always listen to scientists but they must not issue conflicting advice.

12.28pm: Brown suggests that Cameron's "iron-cast" guarantees aren't worth much. On Monday Cameron made an "iron-cast" commitment to the NHS. Voters will have to decide what this means.

12.26pm: Gordon Brown agrees that reserved seats at PMQs for members of the armed forces would be a good thing.

12.24pm: Tory MP for Monmouth David Davies calls on the Prime Minister to publish more information on soldiers who are losing limbs and suffering serious injuries in Afghanistan.

12.15pm: Nick Clegg says mission in Afghanistan is in trouble because the government of the country is illegitimate and the international community has no clear plan.

Picture 6 12.12pm: David Blunkett asks the Prime Minister what he thinks of Cameron's cast-iron guarantee turning to plywood. The Speaker warns Brown to answer for Government business and Brown insists Labour promises will be reliable.

12.09pm: Cameron says Kelly must be accepted in full. MPs must not vote ever again on their pay and expenses. Brown agrees and calls for Kelly to be implemented quickly.

12.06pm: The Tory leader calls on the PM to do more to stop the infiltration of the Afghan police by militants and terrorists. The PM insists that he will examine the claims by the Taliban to have infiltrated the police. Brown says Karzai must do much more to tackle corruption.

12.04pm: David Cameron asks about today's horrifying incident when five UK servicemen were killed by a rogue Afghan policeman. He invites the Prime Minister to reassure the British public that our servicemen are being protected. Mr Brown replies by saying that training Afghans to take on security responsibilities is vital for the future of the country.

12.02pm: John Bercow interrupts Gordon Brown when he starts to attack something Andrew Lansley said yesterday. Bercow says: "I don't think we need to hear that today". The PM is at PMQs to talk about Government affairs after all!

12.01pm: PMQs is one minute old and a backbench Labour MP has managed a reference to "cast-iron" guarantees.


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