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Grassroots satisfaction with Cameron dips to 80%

In the final ConHome survey of grassroots opinion on this side of the General Election we find that satisfaction with David Cameron among grassroots Tory members has dipped. Last month 92% of members were satisfied with the Tory leader's performance. This month that number has dipped to 80%:

SatisfactionOctNov [82% of Tory members were satisfied with David Cameron in January 2006, after he first became leader].

My guess is that disappointment at the party's new European policy has caused the dip.  William Hague and Shadow Europe Minister Mark Francois also saw their ratings drop in the November rankings of the shadow cabinet.  Additionally, only 13% of party members expect a Conservative government will win "significant" powers back from Europe.

This concern about the Tory position on Europe may have combined with the controversy over the centralisation of candidate selection and the threatened imposition of All Womens Shortlists. Party members are evenly split on whether the leadership views the grassroots with respect:

Picture 51 10% think the leadership shows "considerable respect" to the grassroots and 36% says it gives "a little respect". 31% say it regards members with "suspicion" and 16% say it regards it with "hostility".

ConservativeHomeEditorial A determination to oust Labour means Tory voters are currently very energised but there is a warning in these findings for the Tory leadership.  Tory members aren't so very different from Tory voters.  It is difficult given the fiscal situation but David Cameron and George Osborne need to think about additional policies to incentivise Tory voting.  ConHome's Shoestring manifesto with ideas on the environment, social justice, democracy, media reform and patriotism was our own effort in this regard.

Tim Montgomerie

1,596 Tory members answered the latest ConservativeHome survey on 22nd and 23rd November.


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