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Eric Pickles blasts draft plans to give the BNP more broadcast time

A consultation paper from the broadcasting regulator Ofcom proposes that minority parties such as the BNP be given more Party Election Broadcasts and that those broadcasts could be shown during peak viewing hours.

PICKLES ERIC 2009 Eric Pickles MP, Conservative Party Chairman, has blasted the plan:

“The Government’s broadcasting quango has lost the plot. In its blind pursuit of ‘equality’, it wants to give the oxygen of publicity to extremists who do not have substantive electoral support. The public will be appalled that more airtime will given to the British National Party to peddle their propaganda and undermine community relations. Elections should be open, fair and accessible, but parties without broad-based public backing shouldn’t be given extra state support.”

Meanwhile, The Sun has revealed that Nick Griffin is happy to give up Gibraltar.  He apparently offered the surrender in a bid to "suck up to other European extremists".  James Bethell of commented: "Nick Griffin talks about protecting our national interest but he would surrender our sovereignty to Spanish fascists in a heartbeat. The only flag that should be flying over the Rock is the Union Jack."

On, Andrew Rosindell MP said:

“Nick Griffin has once again proved that there is nothing British about the BNP with his recent comments over his Party’s position on Gibraltar. By stating that he would be happy to see the Spanish flag flying over the Rock he has effectively sold out 30,000 British citizens. The people of Gibraltar is not Spanish. It is British."

Tim Montgomerie


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