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David Cameron's response to the Queen's Speech

> 10.30pm update: ToryRadio has the full audio of the speech

NB: My brief summary of the Bills announced this morning is here and I have already noted here how empty the Labour benches are this afternoon.

Highlights, not verbatim:

David Cameron begins by paying tribute to the two Labour MPs who moved and seconded the loyal address, Frank Dobson and Emily Thornberry.

Picture 15 He also congratulates the new Labour MP for Glasgow North East, Willie Bain - who took his seat this afternoon - and reflects on the sacrifices made by the latest soldiers to be killed in Afghanistan. he says that immediate withdrawal from there would not be in our interests but says that we cannot go on as we are, taking ground, then relinquishing it to the Taleban. More of the same is just not tenable, he says. He wants to increase the rate at which we are training the Afghans and that a strong international figure is required to drive forward political progress.

He wants the Copenhagen summit to succeed.

He welcomes some of the sections of the Queen's Speech absed on Tory proposals. But where are the proposals on immigration? Where are the elected police chiefs? Why no mention of the NHS? It's clearly not Labour's priority.

Brown is proposing that virtue is good and then daring the Tories to vote against them.

Can we not just get on with the election?

Why no mention of the Kelly Report and MPs' expenses? Eleven measures need to be passed into law. Cameron promises support if Brown puts forward those laws - Brown refuses an opportunity to intervene to explain why they are not coming forward.

It's the shortest Queen's Speech since 1997 - they've run out time, ideas and courage.

We need political leadership on the economy - it's a "meaningless target" to legislate for cutting the deficit.

The Government is behaving like an irresponsible opposition - they have even boasted themselves it's all about embarrassing the Conservatives. It's time to judge the Government both on 12 years in power and Brown's two and a half years in power. So much of what he promised has failed to materialise.

He cites Lord (Digby) Jones the former minister recently attacking the Government when he said that the problem with socialism is that you run out spending other people's money sooner or later.

Cameron reminds us that Brown has delivered the longest boom and bust in history, having promised he would abolish it and that we are still in a recession when the rest of Europe in coming out of it. What was t tbe the PM's greatest strength has become his greatest weakness.

The FSA Bill is not good enough as it doesn't abolish tripartite regulation.

He claims the Government's care bill will end up abolishing certain allowances for the needy and that the Tories will oppose those changes.

Violent crime is up, truancy is up... Brown is frantically pulling levers and pushing buttons in an attempt to get one over on his opponents.

We need an immediate election and a real Queen's Speech. This was a Labour press release on Palace parchment... Stop wasting the country's time and just get on with calling the election.

Jonathan Isaby


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