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Com Res and YouGov both put Tory lead at 12%

In the first of what I gather will be at least two polls out this evening for the Sunday papers, a YouGov poll for The People - posted by political editor Nigel Nelson on his Twitter feed - puts the parties on the following figures:

Conservatives - 40% (+1)
Labour - 28% (+2)
Lib Dems - 18% (-2)

Comparisons are with last Saturday's YouGov poll (rather than the daily tracker) and suggest that the benefit achieved through coverage for the Lib Dems during their conference week has been reversed and that the saturation coverage of Labour's conference this week gave them, on balance, a small bounce.

UK Polling Report's Swing Calculator computes these numbers into a Conservative Commons majority of 42.

7.30pm Update:

A ComRes poll for the Independent on Sunday gives the same headline figures for the Conservatives and Labour:

Conservatives - 40% (+2)
Labour - 28% (+5)
Lib Dems - 19% (-4)

Comparisons are with the ComRes poll for the Independent on 28th September and UK Polling Report computes those figures into a Commons majority of 36.

Jonathan Isaby


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