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Two new polls give the Conservatives a 14% lead

This morning's Sun carries a new YouGov poll which puts the parties on the following standings:

Conservatives - 42% (+2)
Labour - 28% (-)
Lib Dems - 19% (+1)

Comparisons are with last Sunday's YouGov poll for The People (rather than the daily tracker) and compute into a Conservative majority of 84 according to UK Polling Report's Swing Calculator.

Meanwhile, a BPIX poll for the Daily Mail puts the two main parties on exactly the same standings:

Conservatives - 42% (+2)
Labour - 28% (+3)
Lib Dems - 20% (-2)

UK Polling Report's Swing Calculator suggests those numbers translate into a Commons majority of 82.

The poll also suggests that the Conservative messages on raising the pension age, public sector pay and pensions have public sympathy - although it would seem that the attacks on the privileged background of David Cameron and George Osborne appear to have had some impact.

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Jonathan Isaby 


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