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The Murdochs are "furious" at Labour's attacks on The Sun

Last week Labour figures lined up to rubbish The Sun after it endorsed the Conservatives.  Notably Harriet Harman and Tony Woodley:

A very good source within News International has told ConservativeHome that the Murdochs are "furious" at the "juvenile" reaction. The Sun was always going to be favourable to the Tories over the seven or so months until the General Election now that it had chosen to back David Cameron (Friday's coverage being a taste of what to expect).  The Labour reaction, however, means that Britain's biggest selling newspaper is now much less likely to give Labour good coverage.  The reaction proved The Sun's point, my source said; Labour has lost its maturity and seriousness.

The sensible reaction would have been one of disappointment and a promise to give Sun readers many reasons to vote Labour and to seek opportunities within the pages of The Sun to outline those reasons.  The hysterical Labour high ups have thrown a lot those opportunities away.

Tim Montgomerie


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