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Shadow cabinet publishes repayment amounts being repaid under Thomas Legg

In another welcome example of transparency from the Tory leadership the following facts about the shadow cabinet have been released regarding letters from Sir Thomas Legg.

Five members of the shadow cabinet "have no issues at all": Mark Francois, Michael Gove, Philip Hammond, Theresa May, Grant Shapps and Theresa Villiers.

Eight members have been asked for more information but have not received payback requests: David Cameron, Chris Grayling, George Osborne, Greg Clark, David Willetts, Francis Maude, Jeremy Hunt and Dominic Grieve.

Eleven members have agreed to make repayments:

  1. Eric Pickles: £300 on cleaning
  2. Owen Paterson: £911.21 for repairs, insurance and mortgage (plus more information requested)
  3. Oliver Letwin: £613.70 for service and maintenance (plus more information requested)
  4. William Hague: £642.78 for mortgage overpayment
  5. Sir George Young: £104.68 for utilities
  6. Patrick McCloughlin: £4,058.42 for cleaning and mortgage (plus more information requested)
  7. Nick Herbert: £699.98 for mortgage (already repaid) (plus more information requested)
  8. Andrew Lansley: £1782.22 for mortgage (plus more information requested)
  9. Cheryl Gillan: £1884.23 for mortgage (plus more information requested)
  10. Caroline Spelman £2,400 for office costs
  11. Ken Clarke: £4,734 for gardening and cleaning although there is some ongoing discussion about the precise amount. 

You add up all the shadow cabinet repayments and they don't come close to twice Gordon Brown's payback!

In addition on some fundamental factual disputes there are unresolved issues with Liam Fox, Andrew Mitchell and David Mundell.

Tim Montgomerie


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