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Rolling record of Tory policy announcements at the Manchester Conservative Party Conference

Tuesday 6th October:

  • Bringing forward the raising of the pension age (Guardian and ToryDiary)
  • All the other announcements in George Osborne's speech - incuding the public sector pay freeze for 2011 - are identified here
  • Halting the funding of new speed cameras and the rolling out of average speed checks (Daily Mail)
  • Villages to be granted powers to expand by up to 10% over ten years and local communities to be rewarded for building homes by receiving match funding of the council tax revenue from the new homes for 6 years (Planning Resource and Grant Shapps' speech)
  • Shadow Business Secretary Ken Clarke announced that a Conservative Government would ·       introduce a powerful new ‘star chamber’, which he would chair, with the remit of enforcing a stringent ‘one in – one out’ requirement where any new law must include cuts in old laws which, together, produce a net 5% reduction in the regulatory burden; he also said there would be a scheme to allow the public to nominate unpopular regulations to be reviewed by Parliament; and that all regulators and regulatory quangos would be subject to sunset clauses, being re-assessed and their duties reviewed Read Ken Clarke's speech).

Monday 5th October:

Sunday 4th October: Details of the Work Programme are unveiled.  Hundreds of thousands of people on incapacity benefit will have their benefits cut by a third if they fail tough medical tests.  David Willetts has unveiled an "emergency plan" that will pay for 10,000 more students to go to university next year.  The plan will be funded by a New Zealand-inspired scheme for early repayment of student loans.  The Guardian has more.

Sunday 4th October: Grace and Favour residence to be opened to the public (Telegraph)

Sunday 4th October: Plans to close up to 200 failing schools (The Sunday Times).

Picture 25 12-56-02Saturday 3rd October: Pensioners will keep their home and get free residential care if they pay £8,000 insurance fee under Tory plans

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