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Heseltine warns of "mountain to climb" as new poll points to landslide Tory victory

ICM17The Tories have a very healthy 17% lead in an ICM poll for The Sunday Telegraph. That would mean a 100+ majority if replicated at the General Election.

HESELTINE-MICHAEL-NN In an interview with Andrew Neil for BBC's Straight Talk Lord Heseltine (who just about rules out serving in a Cameron government) warns against complacency. Asked if he still thinks a hung parliament is likely the former Deputy Prime Minister replied:

"I think that David Cameron has done a fantastic job and he's now significantly ahead in the polls but what I know, and you certainly will know, and anyone interested in politics knows, is that in order to get an overall majority, David has got to have the biggest swing, with two exceptions, since the war.  The first is 1945 which is irrelevant because it was a ten year, and it was after the war, and all that, and the only other precedent big enough is Tony Blair's '97 election... I think that the odds on him winning are significant but the overall majority is a mountain to climb, and I think he's been absolutely right in making this point clear.  Now I think it's very unlikely we will see  a Labour Government, that I do believe. But then you come to another problem is that there are not many parties - I can think of some, one in Northern Ireland - that will form any sort of relationship with the Conservatives. So the Conservatives have got to win outright or be sufficiently the largest party, that there isn't a coalition against them and they face the House of Commons which of course will mean that a relatively short Parliament."

53pcblair ICM also found that 53% of Britons do not want Tony Blair as EU President... but when did the EU or our own government ever take notice of what voters actually wanted regards Europe?

Tim Montgomerie


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