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Lord Trimble signals he is keen to serve in a Cameron Government

Picture 16 Ever since Lord Trimble - former First Minister of Northern Ireland and Nobel Laureate to boot - joined the Conservative Party, I have believed that it would be hugely remiss for him not to be included as a minister in the next Conservative Government.

Today, Daniel Finkelstein blogs Lord Trimble's reaction when asked if he would serve in a Government under David Cameron:

"I will do whatever David tells me to."

It is unthinkable that David Cameron would not want to draw on Lord Trimble's talents, so I take this comment very much as a signal of his desire to serve in any Conservative administration formed next year - although I certainly wouldn't expect Lord Trimble to be despatched to the Northern Ireland Office.

I would suggest he is an ideal candidate for the Foreign Office or, given his professional background, a position at the Home Office, Ministry of Justice or as one of the law officers.

It was reported last week that Lady Trimble is likely to seek selection as a Westminster candidate at the general election.

Jonathan Isaby


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