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Cameron bashes Brown on TA u-turn and Britain's deep recession at PMQs

VERDICT: Forgettable PMQs but a win nonetheless for David Cameron. He bashed Brown successfully on his TA u-turn and the fact that Britain's recession has been so deep and long.

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Highlights, not verbatim:

12.23pm: In a question from David Evennett MP Gordon Brown confirms that the Government will support Tony Blair if a position of EU President is created.

Funny Tweet from Kevin Maguire!!

Picture 12 12.13pm: Nick Clegg asks about Labour's green record. He criticises Brown for getting all his MPs to vote against the 10/10 campaign. Brown says Britain has met its Kyoto targets. He says LibDem opposition to nuclear power and LibDem councils' opposition to planning permission for renewable projects invalidates the LibDems' green credentials.

12.10pm: How can Brown, Cameron continues, claim Britain is best placed to weather the recession when our recession has been the deepest and longest in our modern history and when our economy is smaller than Italy's? Brown replies by saying that the Tories are wrong on Northern Rock, wrong on the fiscal stimulus and wrong on helping homeowners.

12.06pm: Cameron again invites Brown to admit that he hasn't abolished boom and bust and draws attention to the fact that Britain is in a longer and deeper recession than predicted. Brown claimed in the past, Cameron continues, that Britain would lead the world out of recession but Germany and France are already out of recession. Brown says the Tories have policies that would keep Britain in recession longer. He claims that Northern Rock would not exist if the Tories had had their way. Every single country in Europe is against the Tory policy on the fiscal stimulus, says Brown.

12.05pm: Cameron says you can't cut the TA when you are at war. He describes the u turn as "humiliating". Why does the Prime Minister keep getting it wrong, he asks? It is the Leader of the Opposition that is wrong on the economy and other big issues replies Brown.

12.02pm: David Cameron begins by welcoming Gordon Brown's u-turn on TA training. He credits questions from Tory and Labour MPs and his own questioning at PMQs. Brown responds with long lists of what the Government has been spending on defence.


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