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Eric Pickles pledges to sack any party workers involved in dirty tricks during the election campaign

Eric Pickles at desk Eric Pickles has said that whilst he expects Labour to run a dirty election campaign, he will not tolerate any Conservatives following suit in retaliation.

Speaking to Jonathan Sheppard of ToryRadio in Manchester, the party chairman said:

"Of course it's going to be a dirty [Labour Party] campaign, we've seen that a lot in all the by-elections... the dirtier it is, the more it will backfire on those who seem to spread the dirt."

"I'm giving out straight advice: anybody does any dirty tricks from our side, we will sack them. Anyone does any dirty tricks in constituencies, we'll take a very firm disciplinary line on that. You can't be an open and transparent party and engage in dirty tricks."

Can we expect a similar promise from our political opponents? I'm not holding my breath...

Jonathan Isaby


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