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ConHome readers want a bolder Tory leadership

1,226 Tory members took part in the survey.

ConHomePartyRelationship Jonathan and I often wonder about the extent to which ConHome should openly debate Tory strategy. As the election gets closer we both think there should be less debate and more restraint. What did readers think? You made it clear that you did not want us to become very different. By 78% to 15% you disagreed with the contention that ConHome should be "more loyal to the Tory leadership."

Campaigning for the leadership to be bolder was the top choice for things that readers would change about the site:

WhatNext We also asked people to rate the importance of ConHome features on a scale of 1 to 5. The 9am newslinks and the regular polling of members appear to be the most valued services:


I sometimes worry that we've made the front page a bit busy but only 11% agreed that "there is now too much on ConservativeHome." 80% disagreed.

Picture 94 Most of our readers are very regular as the graph on the right shows.  50% of readers visit "a few times a day".  I'm not sure what to make about the respondents who say they "never" read the site - even though we only advertised the survey through the pages of ConHome!  Click on the image to enlarge.

Tim Montgomerie


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