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Britain's leading military chiefs sign up to James Bethell's vital campaign against racism and extremism

The Left are ill-equipped to fight the kind of extremism represented by the BNP. The Left are often embarrassed about British history and British institutions. Their war against poverty has been unsuccessful. Their policies on immigration are ineffective.

Margaret Thatcher showed in 1979 that a strong Conservative Party can ensure that extremism can be defeated. If the centre right is proudly patriotic, tough-but-fair on immigration and genuinely one nation in its social policies the racist extremists are left stranded with nothing but their poisonous and hateful racism.

I was very glad to help start the NothingBritish campaign a few months ago as a genuine small 'c' conservative attempt to oppose the BNP and other extremist organisations.  We launched with this video.  But it is my friend James Bethell that has taken NothingBritish forward and he is responsible for the double page spread in this morning's Sun that attacks the attempts by the BNP to use our military for their ends:

SunSpread The BBC reports on the campaign here.

I congratulate James on what he has achieved so far and am grateful for the military chiefs and soldiers who - in a non-partisan way - are backing this new effort to stop the BNP infiltrating Britain's greatest institutions. NothingBritish has a lot more in the pipeline. Follow it on Twitter and please bookmark its website.  If it is a campaign that you can help please get in touch.

Tim Montgomerie


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