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62% of ConHome readers want a Brown versus Cameron head-to-head debate (without Clegg)

Further to my post and poll* of yesterday, 88% of ConservativeHome readers think debates between the party leaders are generally a good thing. 84% think Cameron would win debates against Brown and Clegg. 65% think the debates should take place after the Queen has dissolved Parliament (rather than from soon).

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49% support my view that one of the three debates between the party leaders should be a head to head between the two men who will be PM after the votes have been counted (Brown and Cameron) with the other two debates between all three leaders. 13% support three head-to-head debates (Clegg v Cameron/ Brown v Cameron/ Brown v Clegg). 38% support the proposal as currently on the table - of three debates involving all three leaders.

On the electoral wisdom of holding the debates at all 36% think they'll strengthen the Tory position, 20% think they'll make no difference. 41% think they offer Brown "the last best chance to erode the Conservative Party's opinion poll position."

60% agree that "there should be special post debate programmes where representatives of UKIP, the Greens, Plaid and so on have an opportunity to make responses." 70% agree that "there should be additional debates in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland between the leaders of the parties fighting seats in those countries."

Tim Montgomerie

* 674 people took part in the vote.


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