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Would you wear 'Don't blame me, I voted Tory' on a T-shirt?

Eric Pickles' is planning to launch a new Tory T-shirt at Party Conference.  Will he wear it, I ask myself?  After canvassing for ideas he has shortlisted four pro-Conservative themes....

  • Yes we Cam
  • Release your inner Tory
  • Vote Blue not Brown
  • Cam Can

...and four anti-Labour themes...

  • Don’t blame me I voted Tory
  • A picture of Gordon Brown and the words ‘The weak are a long time in politics’
  • New Labour 1997 – 2010…end of an error
  • A picture of Gordon Brown with the word ‘Fail’ underneath.

I don't have strong views although the 'weak are a long time in politics' is a bit nasty.

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Tim Montgomerie


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