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Tomorrow's opinion polls are still grim reading for Gordon Brown

The news come to me via the Twitter feed of Tory press supremo Henry Macrory of a new YouGov poll in tomorrow's Sunday Times. The numbers are:

Picture 21 Comparisons are with the YouGov poll published on Monday.

Elsewhere in the Sunday papers, the News of the World carries a YouGov poll showing that voters trust the Conservatives more than Labour on public services:

"In the latest blow to Gordon Brown, voters said schools and hospitals would be better under David Cameron. And they said Labour had wasted billions ploughed into improving them. The YouGov poll for the Policy Exchange think-tank showed:

  • 29% of people trusted the Tories most to deliver value for money on public services, compared to 19% who favoured Labour
  • 26% trust the Tories most to provide the best quality public services, compared to 23% for Labour.

The Tories also won when voters were asked which party was more likely to protect the quality of public services from spending cuts by increased efficiency. That is a major coup for Mr Cameron as cuts to public services look set to be the key battleground for the general election."

More here.

Jonathan Isaby


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