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The Scottish Conservatives add to calls to Save General Election Night north of the border

SaveElectionNight graphic It's less than a week since the cross-party Save General Election Night campaign was founded on Facebook and the number of supporters of the group is now about to hit 4,000.

You can read all the posts on the subject from the last seven days by clicking here - all of which contain links to the many regional and national media hits we have secured during the week.

McLetchie Today the Scottish Conservatives have thrown their weight behind the campaign, with David McLetchie, the party's Chief Whip in the Scottish Parliament, issuing the following statement:

“The overnight count is a long-established tradition in British politics. It is one that we do not want to see disappear, either for General Elections or Scottish Parliament Elections. Overnight counting has yielded some memorable political moments from ‘did you stay up for Portillo?’ in 1997 to the moment we realised the Conservatives had won the 1992 election, when we held Basildon.

“Election night is full of drama and excitement, which is exactly what we need when there is so much public disenchantment with politics. Not only is it a tradition worth preserving, but any change would actually be a backwards step. We live in an age of instant 24 hour news and to delay proceedings would look ridiculous.

“With the exception of those few places where geography means a next-day count is necessary, an overnight count is a perfectly feasible proposition. That was certainly the view of the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government Committee, which looked at this proposal as part of its examination of the Gould Report. People want to know what’s happening when it happens, not a day afterwards.”

The Scottish Liberal Democrat Director of Campaigns, Andrew Reeves, has already endorsed the campaign on his blog.

Jonathan Isaby


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