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Voters agree: 'Save General Election Night'

It was two weeks ago that my colleague Jonathan Isaby launched his 'Save General Election Night' campaign and it has won considerable media attention (including this excellent Radio 4 feature with Carolyn Quinn) and cross-party endorsements. We are particularly grateful for the support of LabourList and LibDemVoice.

A special ComRes poll for the Local Government Association finds that the campaign chimes with the general public.  50% supported immediate counting of votes.  Only 22% said counting should wait until the following day.  27% didn't mind.

50PCSGENLet us hope the poll will encourage LGA member councils to sign up to on-the-night counting. Conservative councils received another encouragement to do just that with a letter from Party Chairman Eric Pickles.  Read this PDF for the full text of Eric's letter.

I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Jonathan on a brilliant campaign.  He's been quoted all over the regional press and can be very proud of his efforts.

Tim Montgomerie


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