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Save General Election Night attracted more than 1,500 supporters on Day 1

SaveElectionNight graphic It was a great first day for the Save General Election Night Campaign.

Launched yesterday morning with this post from me and elsewhere by blogging Labour MP Tom Harris and Mark Pack of Lib Dem Voice, the Facebook group attracted more than 100 supporters an hour, bringing its tally to over 1,500 members by the end of the day.

They include MPs, candidates and activists from all the political parties, but also hundreds of voters who simply share the desire of we political activists who started the campaign that the votes cast at the general election should be counted as soon as the poll closes at 10pm on the Thursday night, and not left until the Friday morning.

Mark Pack has handily summarised much of the reaction from the blogosphere (as well as answering some of the criticisms of our camapign), but thanks to the many bloggers who have so far highlighted our efforts, including Iain Dale, Liberal England, The Guardian's Andrew Sparrow, Nadine Dorries MP, Andrew Reeves, J Arthur MacNumpty, James Manning, Rene Kinzett, David Skelton, Young Tory, The World of JR, Charlie Edwards, ToryBoys and Thunder Dragon. Apologies to those I have neglected to mention.

Later in the day, the BBC website picked up on the campaign, which led to me being interviewed on Radio 4's PM Programme about it.

In the latest news section of the Facebook group - please join if you're not already signed up - I am collating details of which constituencies are intending counting on the Thursday, which are planning on doing so on the Friday, and which are yet to decide. If you haven't done so yet - and we don't have any information posted yet on the Facebook page about your constituency - please contact your local council's electoral services department to find out their intentions as regards the counting of the votes at the general election, and let me know so that we can publicise who needs to be lobbied.

It was especially encouraging to discover yesterday that Northern Ireland is a beacon of progress in this matter, in that the 18 seats which have counted on the Friday for as long as I can remember have all opted to do so on the Thursday night at the next general election.

Later today I hope to be able to publish some views from some senior political figures on the campaign.

Jonathan Isaby


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