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New YouGov poll for The Sun gives Tories a lead of 14%

The Sun carries a new YouGov poll tomorrow which gives the Conservatives a lead of 14%.

YouGovSun Comparisons are with the most recent YouGov poll published in Monday's Telegraph.

The Sun reports the significance of the poll thus:

"Every August poll in the summer before a spring general election has predicted the real result accurately to within one percent since 1996. This means, if history repeats itself, Mr Cameron will sweep into power in 2010 after 13 years of New Labour.

"Voters also say Mr Cameron would make a better Prime Minister than Gordon Brown by a factor of two to one. Our survey shows 38 percent of voters believe Mr Cameron would make the best PM - to just 19 percent for Mr Brown. Six out of ten voters say Mr Brown is doing "fairly" or "very" badly in Number 10 Downing Street. Only 16 percent are prepared to say he is doing a good job."

Jonathan Isaby


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