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Live blog of Gordon Brown's conference speech

Picture 4

2.20pm The scene is set... Will Sarah Brown be coming out to introduce her husband again?

2.23pm "Sit Down" by James is keeping the delegates entertained...

2.26pm A video us is telling us that without the Labour Party, "working people" and women wouldn't have got the vote, Apartheid would not have been ended etc etc

2.27pm Neil Kinnock gets a big round of applause when he appears on the screen.

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2.28pm Sarah Brown is doing the intro... again.

2.30pm "He's messy, noisy, gets up a terrible hour... but I know he loves our country and will always put you first".

2.32pm "I've seen what can happens as a result of the changes that government makes... thank you for giving Gordon the chance to change so many lives".

2.33pm Another video is being shown about how Gordon Brown has saved the world through his leadership...Bono and Kofi Annan lead the tributes.

2.36pm Gordon Brown takes to the stage, "We're going to change the world again... We're going to fight to win for Britain".

2.38pm He reels off a long list of achievements of the Government since 1997. Cabinet minsters begin a standing ovation...

2.39pm Harriet Harman is a brilliant deputy leader and "constant friend". And he says he will back her in ensuring there is no place for the BNP in the democratic politics of this country.

2.39pm Alistair Darling is doing an "absolutely brilliant" job.

2.40pm On the "special relationship", he says "Peter Mandelson and I are getting on just fine... the Labour party has really learned to love you".

2.41pm The country faces not only two parties but two directions.

2.42pm Nationalising the banks helped the hard-working majority and not the privileged few... a theme which he uses on several economic themes. It seems the Tories are to be painted as only being willing to help "the privileged few".

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2.44pm Only one party wanted to "do nothing" - the Conservative Party of Britain. Wrong on Northern Rock, jobs and spending, working with Europe... "They are consistently wrong all the time". On the economic call of the century "they called it wrong," he says.

2.47pm Tory policy would "return us to the lost generation and cardboard cities of the 1980s".

2.48pm Labour is "the party of British business and enterprise" apparently. He attacks Tory ideology and right-wing fundamentalism that says the market self-corrects.

2.51pm A lengthy passage that talks about the values of the mainstream majority of people being the same as his values... He reminds us that his parents could not afford private education or private healthcare  (the class warriors applaud that one warmly).

2.53pm The Government won't pass by on the other side, but be on your side... "markets need morals" - the Government will legislate against some bankers' bonuses and disqualify reckless bankers... the banks will pay back the British people.

2.55pm We need a new model for our economy, society and our politics. "It's not a question of whether to change but how". The next election is about electing a first Labour Government of this new global age - and not about electing a fourth term Labour Government.

2.56pm Announces a new national investment corporation and wants the Post Office to bring banking back to the heart of peoples' communities. And there'll be 250,000 new green British jobs and he will go to Copenhagen to secure the climate change deal.

Picture 7

2.58pm We will not cut support to schools, but invest more - over the next five years. Is Ed Balls happy about that?

2.59pm There'll be 10,000 new skilled internships and up to 10,000 green job placements.

3pm We have to make choices about tax and public spending... there will be a new fiscal responsibility act... cutting frontline services is the Conservative approach... we will raise tax at the very top... but the already announced raising of NI by half a percent will protect frontline services.

3.02pm Conservative policy of cutting IHT for the richest 3,000 estates will affect frontline services... "it's the change they choose".

3.03pm Every patient will have the right to see a GP in the evening or at the weekend... We will restore the earnings link to pensioners in the next five years... in every year of the next five years we will increase the minimum wage - it was the dream of Neil Kinnock (who gets another round of applause), and John Smith and one of the achievements Tony Blair - "and we thank him today" (more applause).

3.05pm There will be free childcare for 250,000 2 year olds for the first time.

3.06pm It cannot be right for 16 year old girls to have a child and be given a council flat and be left on their own. He announces that in future 16 and 17 year old mothers will be put into a supervised network.

3.07pm He talks about defining the boundaries of what's right and what's wrong... and says he sick of those playing by different rules or by no rules at all... Parents who let their kids run riot should not be tolerated... Family intervention projects work - and the 50,000 most chaotic families will be subject to them.

3.10pm 24-hour licensing not working in some places, so the power will be given to councils to ban it in some areas.

3.11pm It is time for a better service from the police according to people's needs. Neighbourhood policing will focus between now and Christmas in a more targeted way in line with local communities' priorities.

3.12pm The immigration points system will be tightened.

3.13pm No compulsory ID card for British citizens in the next Parliament.

Picture 10

3.14pm Strong support for the Union against "separatists and narrow nationalists"; support for devolving police and justice powers to Northern Ireland in the next few months.

3.15pm Extended applause for the British armed forces... who will "always have the equipment they need".

3.16pm Work with Obama on international security... work towards peace in the Middle East... It will be law that the British Government has to spend 0.7% of GDP on international aid.

3.18pm "We love the NHS". Labour fought for the NHS... you are saving lives every day.

3.20pm He announces an "early diagnosis guarantee" that the Government will finance the right for cancer patients to have diagnostic testing within 1 week of seeing a GP.

3.22pm The ageing population means there are more demands for social care... so Labour's manifesto will say that the NHS and local care provision will be brought into a new national care service. Allowing people to stay in their own homes as long as possible will be a priority. Those with "the highest needs" will get free personal care in their own homes.

3.24pm Politics always needs morals. The vast majority of Labour MP are there to serve the public interest... not to make personal gain. But some let our country down. All of us should be in Parliament for what we can give. Where there is proven financial corruption or wrongdoing demonstrated, we will give constituents the right to recall their MP (that's lifted from Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell's The Plan).

3.26pm Stronger case than ever for Alternative Vote system of election. Commitment for a referendum early in the next Parliament on setting up AV for Westminster.

3.27pm The hereditary principle will be abolished in the Lords once and for all within the next year. Ask for  clear mandate for a democratic House of Lords in the manifesto.

Picture 11

3.28pm The election will be about your future not my future, says Brown.

3.29pm Suggests that Tory changes would only help the privileged few. Repeats suggestion that Tory top priority is a tax giveaway for the richest 3,000 people... suggests Tories will take away right to see a cancer specialist within two weeks and cut Home Office budget by the equivalent of 3,500 police officers... says Tories would put Britain "at the fringes of Europe" rather than at its heart... How could they deliver change when they haven't changed their own party?

3.31pm Conservatives embrace pessimism and austerity... No obstacle is so great it will stop the onward march of fairness and justice... dream big dreams and then watch our country soar... think big and then fight hard. Since 1997 Labour has given this country back its future and we are not done yet... it is about the change you choose... Never stop believing in the good sense of the British people... Because the task is difficult, the triumph will be even greater. Now is not the time to give in, but to reach inside ourselves for the strength of our conviction... Our guiding duty is to stand to fight to win, to serve.

He departs the stage accompanied by Moving On Up by M People.

Jonathan Isaby


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