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Iain Martin becomes Deputy Editor of Wall Street Journal Europe

My favourite op-ed pages are those of the Wall Street Journal. I read them online most days and on my way home to Salisbury often treat myself to the £2.50 copy of the American edition that I can pick up at the Waterloo WH Smith.  The pages are hawkish, capitalist and sympathetic to social conservatism.  I've never quite taken to the European edition of the WSJ but that might be about to change...

Iain-martinIain Martin - until recently at The Telegraph - has joined Patience Wheatcroft - another exile from The Telegraph - at the WSJE.  The Telegraph's comment pages (and politics blog) have been duller without him and I'm really looking forward to reading him again - within the main newspaper but also, crucially, on a new blog.

It's perfectly possible to look forward to The Spectator under Fraser Nelson and the European WSJ under Wheatcroft and Martin becoming the key nurturers of conservative thinking in Britain.

Tim Montgomerie


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