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Edward McMillan-Scott has been expelled from the Conservative Party

Edward McMillan-Scott MEP - accused by William Hague of "individual glorification" in his attempt to smear Michael Kaminski - has today been formally expelled from the Conservative Party.  I'm expecting a statement soon.

Picture 11 He was due to speak on the Party Conference fringe (hat tip Sally Roberts) at 5.30pm on the Tuesday.  I intend to be there if he has the audacity to turn up but he may have had his pass withdrawn.

Tim Montgomerie

PICKLES ERIC NW 5.15pm: Statement from Eric Pickles:

“William Hague wrote to Mr McMillan-Scott in August setting out the conditions under which the whip would be restored and warning that if he failed to undertake these actions, further steps would be taken. He has failed to respond to any of these conditions and therefore his membership of the party has been revoked.” 

Wednesday morning: Edward McMillan-Scott MEP reacts to his expulsion from the Conservative Party in a BBC interview.


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