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David Cameron accuses Gordon Brown of "double dealing" over al-Megrahi - and demands independent inquiry into the matter

CAMERON-COLOUR-LONG A little earlier, I blogged on CentreRight about the suggestion made by the Libyan Europe Minister that Gordon Brown and the British Government had indicated their support for the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

Now David Cameron has weighed in on the issue, to accuse the Government of double dealing:

"Tonight the British Government stands accused - and indeed the Prime Minister stands accused - of double dealing: on the one hand, saying to the Americans they wanted Megrahi to die in prison, but on the other hand saying privately to the Libyans that they wanted him released. Now we've got to get to the bottom of this. The British Prime Minister has got to be straight with the British people. For weeks he has been refusing to say publicly what he wanted to happen to Megrahi. Yet we learn apparently, privately the message was being given to the Libyans that he should be released.
"I don't think we can now trust the Government to get to the bottom of this so I think the time has come for an independent inquiry led by a former permanent secretary or former judge to find out what more papers need to be released so we can see what the British Government was doing in our name."

Jonathan Isaby


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