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Con 41%, Lab 27%, LibDem 18%

Populus for The Times.


Populus 7am on 15th September:

"While nearly two thirds (65 per cent) believe that others would make a better leader than Mr Brown, only 17 per cent can suggest other Labour politicians. When asked to name someone, without names being prompted, 43 per cent say that they don’t know.

Of those who do cite alternatives,

  • 13 per cent name David Miliband,
  • 7 per cent say Harriet Harman, and
  • 6 per cent name Jack Straw or Alan Johnson.

Among Labour voters,

  • Mr Miliband is equal first with Ms Harman on 12 per cent,
  • followed by Mr Straw on 11 per cent and
  • Lord Mandelson on 10 per cent." - Times


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