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Chris Grayling says Baroness Scotland has to resign

GRAYLING serious

It has now been confirmed that Baroness Scotland, the attorney general, has been fined £5,000 for employing at illegal immigrant. Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling has just released a statement saying that her position is now untenable:

"After this, we can’t see how Baroness Scotland can credibly stay in her job. She was the Minister who steered this law through the House of Lords and who insisted upon its stringent application. She has no excuse for breaking it. The fact that once again Gordon Brown is dithering over a serious issue affecting his government is yet another sign of the vacuum of leadership in Downing Street. He seems to hope that the problem will just go away."

Appearing earlier on GMTV, all Gordon Brown would say was:

"I will have to see the report, I will have to look at it, I will have to see what they actually say. The question is whether she knowingly did not look at the passport or the documents of the person that she was employing or whether she did do that but she did not keep a copy of the documents. We will have to find out what has actually happened, and I will have to wait for that report this morning ... she will want to answer the questions that are put to her. We will have to make decisions."

Sky News reports at 10.35am that Gordon Brown's spokesman has said that the Prime Minister's view is that "no further action is necessary".

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