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Cameron has eleven times more 'X factor' than Brown (but the PM would win Mastermind)

Asked in The Sunday Telegraph if he watches X factor or Strictly Come Dancing of a Saturday evening, Brown answers that he's an X factor viewer but that "Peter Mandelson keeps me up to speed with Strictly"!

...But watching X factor doesn't convince voters you have it. A BPIX poll for the Mail on Sunday finds eleven times as many voters thinking Cameron has X factor than Brown. On a range of 'who is the regular guy?' tests Brown trails Cameron badly.  He only wins on Mastermind:

Picture 4

Because it does not poll regularly enough we do not include BPIX in our regular poll of polls but it finds the Tories on 40%, 15% ahead of Labour.  The Liberal Democrats are on 22%.

Last week's chaotic Bournemouth conference does not appear to have damaged Britain's third party in the polls.  the LibDems were also up in the overnight ICM survey and in The Telegraph's YouGov survey.  Mid-Conference season polls are notoriously fickle, however.

Tim Montgomerie 


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