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Why were only 13 people arrested at last night's football disturbance?

Jeremy Hunt MP has issued this statement in response to last night's violence at Upton Park between Millwall and West Ham fans:

"Identifying the culprits and banning them for life is only the first step. Wider questions need to be answered as to how the situation was allowed to get out of hand in the first place. The Sports Minister must take a lead in bringing together the football authorities and the police and report to Parliament at the earliest possible opportunity as to what counter-measures are being taken. As the bidding process for 2018 continues we must take action to assure the world that we are doing everything possible to ensure things like this won’t happen again."

Over on his West Ham blog, Iain Dale has discussed the violence and its consequences.

I'm always amazed by how few people are arrested at these riots.  The police are saying 13 people were detained.  Why wasn't it 130?  As so often in our country today, the chances of the police arresting criminals is far too low.

Tim Montgomerie


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