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Tory lead increases to 17% in Ipsos-Mori poll - as Labour fails to gain from a boost in economic confidence

Tomrorrow's Observer is carrying a new Ipsos-Mori poll which brings heartening news for the Conservatives.

The voting intention figures are:

IpsosMORIObserver Comparisons are with the July Ipsos-Mori poll.

David Cameron's personal satisfaction rating is now 47% compared with 28% for Gordon Brown, but the bad news for the Prime Minister doesn't end there, as the Observer's political editor Gaby Hinsliff explains:

"The Ipsos MORI research shows the proportion of people expecting the economy to improve in the next 12 months has staged the biggest recovery in nearly three decades of polling, with 43% of Britons now believing the UK is emerging from recession compared with just 7% in spring 2008...

"However, poll analysis shows that Brown’s ratings have actually fallen as confidence in economic “green shoots” grows... There is now an “inverse correlation” between the fortunes of the economy and of Labour, suggesting the link between feelings of economic prosperity and support for the government has been broken."

Jonathan Isaby


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