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Tory lead 16% in new ICM poll as voters agree healthcare would be better under a Conservative Government

Tomorrow's Guardian has a new ICM poll, which sees Labour dropping back to 25% as the public signal that they would increasingly trust a Cameron Government to deliver better healthcare than the current Labour Government.


Comparisons are with the most recent ICM poll published nine days ago and, taken with other polls published over recent days - including the weekend's significant findings from ComRes - it is clear now that Labour's scare stories about the Conservatives and the NHS have failed to have any impact on the public.

Indeed, as the Guardian reports:

Labour has lost the August battle on health, with more voters thinking the Conservatives would improve the NHS than think the party would make it worse. While 48% think healthcare would be better under a Tory government, only 41% agree with Labour warnings that it would be worse. Even 24% of current Labour voters think the Tories would improve the NHS. The Tory lead on other policies, including education, is bigger.

Click here for further analysis from the Guardian's Julian Glover, including numbers showing the majority of voters - nearly three quarters in fact - now expecting taxation to rise under a Conservative Government.

Jonathan Isaby


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