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Support for Alan Duncan sinks still further

I will publish the full shadow cabinet ratings for end-August tomorrow but the result for Alan Duncan is worth highlighting.  1,311 Tory members voted in the survey and the level of dissatisfaction with Mr Duncan's performance is huge:

DuncanDissatisfiedMr Duncan's rating has declined dramatically from just two weeks ago when 61% were dissatisfied with his performance and 31% satisfied.

One survey respondent left this comment:

"Duncan signifies everything the electorate dislikes about the old Conservative party. He's rich, full of himself and complains behind the scenes that the has to live on rations. We lose votes every time he appears on TV."

But another came to the defence of the Shadow Leader of the Commons:

"Duncan is one of the few Tories who can appear on Have I got news for you and you don't have to squirm. Duncan is the representative of all libertarians in a Shadow Cabinet full of illiberals."

Tim Montgomerie


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