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Scottish Conservatives insist that Libyan bomber should be at "death's door" before release

John_lamont(1) Following unconfirmed reports that the Libyan found guilty of the Lockerbie bomb may be released on compassionate grounds, John Lamont MSP (pictured), the Scottish Conservatives' Justice spokesman, issued this statement:

“If Mr Megrahi is released without compelling medical evidence that he is gravely ill then it would be a catastrophic decision by Alex Salmond’s Government. Mr Megrahi was found guilty of murdering 270 people in the worst terrorist atrocity this country has ever seen. If Mr Salmond’s Government releases him he will have served only two weeks for every victim of the bombing. Alex Salmond must now prove publicly that Mr Megrahi is at death’s door or he should not be released. Mr Megrahi must not be given special treatment. Justice must be the same for everyone – he must not get any special deals. Mr Salmond would be wise to remember that there are many victims of this crime, many people who lost loved ones and many people who would feel cheated by Alex Salmond’s Government if Mr Megrahi was treated as a special case.”

Tim Montgomerie


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